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As an advertising agency that focuses on small and medium sized business, we love helping new businesses get a great start, and we love helping established businesses create a new image. Therefore the mission with Images Marketing's $99DollarLogos.com service is to provide professional, agency-quality logos for a small investment.

We've designed hundreds of logos, and have been creating
unique and powerful logo designs since 1982!

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How can we possibly offer logos at such a low investment?

  • The $99DollarLogos.com service is an electronic service. We communicate via email. We will post the project on the web for approval or send it to you in an email.
  • We use a proven and proprietary methodology which we've developed throughout the years. It allows us to quickly identify the direction for your logo. That saves us time, which saves you money.

  • Due to our business model, we have low operational and advertising overhead costs.
  • We have superior equipment and software that allows us to produce quick, excellent designs.

We're confident that you will be pleased with our services.
We look forward to working with you!


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